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11-04-2013 Rydges Bell City Rydges Bell City Preston

This year Rydges Bell City Preston was the host venue for the Big Brother 2013 auditions, a huge undertaking that attracted over 2,000 Melbourne hopefuls in to strut their stuff for the panel of TV show producers. Utilizing a total of 9 different event spaces within the center to conduct registrations, waiting and holding areas, and the secretive audition process, Rydges Bell City Preston was the perfect blend of space, accommodation and dining options to ensure the operation ran smoothly.

The excitement escalated when former contestants from the show arrived to impart theirhints and wisdom, before their Logies attendance. Popular on the day was the Rydges Bell City photo booth, which captured the pre audition faces of many waiting, as well as the former contestants and the Nova 100 Boy when they visited. Images from the photo booth are viewable on facebook and some great footage of the days can be seen here.

Over 2,000 hopefuls attended the Big Brother 2013 auditions over two days